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Default 14 Year Old Paint Rejuvenation by Ultimate Detail– 1995 Toyota Supra (160 Pictures)

Contact Information:
Ultimate Detail/ Kris Toribio

The Toyota Supra, formerly known as the Toyota Celica Supra, made its first debut in 1979. Available to car enthusiasts in both Japan and the United States, the original Mark I Supra came equipped with a 110hp, 2.6L SOHC Inline-6 Engine, and was originally made to compete with the Datsun (Nissan) Z. Fast forward to 1993, the 4th generation Mark IV Supra underwent a huge transformation that set the Japanese supercar apart from any other vehicle on the road. This included a 3L, inline-6 engine that dished out a whopping 316hp engine with 315 ft/lbs of torque from the factory and a timeless figure with styling that can outshine the design of many new cars to this day. Although Toyota ceased U.S production in 1998, Supra has become known as one of the greatest forms of automotive engineering ever created, with many still able to push 1000+ hp on a chassis that is more than a decade old.

Unfortunately, the PAINT condition on some of these cars is a completely different story. With Hot Import Nights just around the corner, the owner brought over his 1995 Renaissance Red Toyota Supra for preparation. He had told me that the car was never detailed during its 14-year existence and hadn’t been washed in nearly a month. After taking a good look around the car and seeing what APPEARED to simply be a lot of swirls that the car accumulated over time, we went ahead and scheduled a 10-hour paint correction that we predicted would be enough time to remove them….Boy, was I wrong! 5 minutes into the polishing stage and I realized that the swirl marks found throughout the paint surface actually concealed an ABUNDANCE of random in-depth scratches. These defects quickly turned the original plan of 10 hours into a hardcore, extensive detail that ended up taking me 20 man hours in less than a day and a half. This was definitely THE most frustrating and exhausting detail I’ve done so far…But at the same time, it was a GREAT learning experience that definitely tested my efficiency, skill, and how much I’ve truly learned about detailing up to this point. Finally, it was a pleasure to be able work on one of my favorite cars of all-time, and there were several instances during the detail where I had to remind myself that there was actually a Supra in my garage . HUGE thanks to Jinno for his efforts in helping me document the job, my brother Greg for spending nearly as much time on the wheels as I did on the car, and to the owner for giving me the opportunity to work on it!

-Car dropped off at 12:30PM
-Wheels Removed, fender wells cleaned with Meguiar’s APC+ (4:1), Meguiar’s Slide-Lock Brush, #0000 Grit Steel Wool then dressed with Chemical Guys Trim Shine and Protectant
-Wheels re-mounted, underside of hood cleaned with microfiber towel, engine cleaned with Meguiar’s APC+ (4:1) and Meguiars Slide-lock brush, then dressed with Chemical Guys Trim Shine and Protectant
-Rinse down small areas around the car, presoak with Meguiar’s APC+ (20:1) and agitate lightly with Meguiar’s Slidelock brush or Q-Tip.
-Clean exhaust with Meguiar’s APC+ (10:1) and #0000 Grit Steel Wool followed by Meguiar’s NXT All Metal Polish and a Microfiber towel.
-Wash car using 2-bucket method w/ grit guards, Dawn, and 2 sheepskin wash mitts
-Bring car inside garage and blow dry
-Begin to compound using M105 w/ 6.5” Purple Foamed Wool Pad with a spritz of water halfway through the polishing cycle.
-At the same time, wheels are removed again and hand polished one at a time during the duration of the detail.
-Follow-up with Menzerna Super Intensive Polish (PO83) on a White Lake Country Pad
-Sleep @ 2:30AM
-Wake up @ 6:30AM
-Compound areas that were not touched the previous night followed by Menzerna SIP on white.
-Go around entire car again with 3M UltraFina on a Lake Country Blue Pad.
-Bring car outside, rinse off polishing dust, bring back inside, and blow dry.
-Ensure all crevices are free of leftover polish residue using a Q-Tip and Microfiber Towel
-Denatured alcohol wipedown to ensure complete removal of any fillers.
-Wax using Wolfgang’s Fuzion on a Meguiar’s Yellow Foam Applicator Pad
-Remove wax using Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Detailer with a clean microfiber towel
-Clean windows using Stoner’s Invisible glass and a clean microfiber towel
-Car finished by 1:45PM

12:30 PM - Vehicle Inspection & Complete In-Depth Decontamination

Here is what the car looked like when it had first arrived. 14 years worth of exposure to the elements and everyday living really set its toll on the Supra’s appearance.

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