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Unfortunately, this panel was one of the easier panels to correct. Here’s a 50:50 shot of the hood after 2 passes with M105/PFW

Most of the swirls and oxidation were gone, but look at how many deep scratches were still left! At this point, I gave the owner a call had him swing by the house. There was no way I was going to give him back the car looking like that, even if it was still better than before. Luckily, he gave me until 2pm the following day.

Throughout this time, Greg was with me ensuring that each and every wheel was as good as possible. He spent nearly 15 hours hand polishing with Meguiar’s M105 followed by Meguiar’s NXT All Metal Polish.

Each section of the car had to be compounded at LEAST twice, but some sections needed 4-5 passes with a small spritz of water halfway through the polishing cycle to give it more cut. Here’s the gas tank/rear fender area.




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