Feature: 2009 Nissan 370z


Gene’s 2009 370Z 6MT with Sport Package

Words: Larry Kenney
Photos: Ginash George (Synth19 Photo)

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utstanding, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary:  marked by eminence and distinction.  No other single word could be used to describe Gene Siepka’s 2009 Nissan 370Z.  Using only high quality,  authentic parts,  Gene has managed to build perhaps the perfect street machine.

At the heart of this Z34 lies a GTM Supercharger kit,  utilizing a C38 Rotrex supercharger,  making a neck snapping 400 wheel horsepower and 340 foot pounds of torque at a mere 8 pounds of boost. Cooling duties for the supercharger as well as the block are handled by a pair of Setrab oil coolers. The perfect exhaust note is brought to you courtesy of Fast Intentions Resonated Test pipes and a Tanabe Medallion Y-pipe and exhaust.

The menacing look of the car is brought about by utilizing a Nismo front lip,  side skirts,   and rear valance.  Stance GR+ coilovers and SPC rear camber arms,  alongside a stunning set of Venaci Mesh wheels measuring in at 20×9.5 +11 and 20×10.5 -2,  round out the posture. Subtle yet effective accents such as the JDM rear foglight,  blacked out emblems,  and the custom blacked out headlights with LEDs complete the package.

Inside the car,  an HKS Camp2 Engine Monitoring System,  including boost and oil pressure sensors,  is used to make sure the engine stays healthy.  In-car entertainment starts with a Kenwood DNX7160 head unit,  runs to a JL Audio 900/5 amp,  and finally exits to your ears via JL Audio R650-CSi components and a JL Audio 13TW5 subwoofer. The subwoofer is enclosed in a Wicked CAS sub enclosure that fits in the spare tire well.

Making sure Gene is connected to the car is the much vaunted Tommy Kiara “Hebi Bebi” shift knob. Improving upon the aesthetics of the Nissan engine compartment,  Gene opted for Password: JDM dry carbon engine compartment covers,  cooling plate,  and a new engine cover. Custom hood dampers get rid of the pesky stock hood prop and make working on the car a snap.

Speaking of working on the car,  perhaps the most impressive part of the car is the fact that all of the work so far has been done in Gene’s garage. According to Gene,  “I started to realize,  it’s just a car,  it’s not rocket science. If something breaks,  figure it out and fix it. While you may end up with a busted knuckle here and there,  it’s a rewarding experience knowing that “I did this.”  I’ve actually learned a lot about cars over the past couple years and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

In Gene’s own words,  he built the car “to drive the hell out of it.” With plenty of power to do just that,  future plans include tightening up the suspension with sways and under bracing,  further work to the interior,  and possibly a full aero kit.

Gene would like to thank Fizz Autosports and all the Z owners he has met over the years on ChicagoZ.com and The370Z.com.

Outstanding. A simple word full of meaning,  and the essence of Gene’s build.

GTM Supercharger Kit,  Rotrex C38 Supercharger @ 8lbs boost,  ~400rwhp/340tq
Setrab Oil Coolers for SC Oil and Engine Oil.
Fast Intentions Resonated Test Pipes
Tanabe Touring Medallion Y-Pipe and Exhaust
Stance GR+ Coilovers
SPC Rear Camber arms.
Venaci Mesh Wheels 20×9.5 +11, 20×10.5 -2 (Private Label Work Gnosis GS4)
Nismo S-Tune Bodykit. Front Lip,  Sideskirts,  Rear Valence
HKS Camp2 Engine Monitoring System with Boost and Oil Pressure add on gauges,  displayed on HeadUnit
Kenwood DNX7160 Head Unit with Nav, DVD, Ipod, Bluetooth,  etc.
JL Audio HD900/5 Amp
JL Audio XR650-CSi Components
JL Audio 13TW5 Sub
Custom Spare Tire Sub enclosure by Wicked CAS
Custom Blacked out Headlights with LED strip
Nissan JDM Rear Foglight
Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment covers
Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
Seibon Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Custom Hood Prop/Dampers
Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi Shift knob.
Courtesy Nissan Black Chrome Badges

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