Willy Izaguirre’s 1968 Datsun 2000 Roadster

Earlier this summer I was very excited to hear that Willy was bringing his beautiful Roadster to Offset Kings (Chicago). It’s not too often you see a Datsun 2000 restored and modified to this level. You could say that Willy took a “resto mod” approach to the  build.  Prior to Offset Kings, I wanted to post up some photos of his car on the blog.  What better way to hype the event then to show one of the higher quality builds in attendance? Luckily my good friend Andrew Link supplied some phenomenal images of the Roadster he shot for Super Street Magazine.  Unfortunately, Willy had some transmission issues at the last minute and his car was unable to make the trip. It’s since been fixed, but sadly the timing did not work out for the show. Anyways, here are the bonus shots that we never put on the site. Enjoy!

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Hiroto Kusumoto’s Rocket Bunny RX-7 FD3S

A few weeks ago we spotted Hiroto’s Rocket Bunny FD and subsequently posted a teaser shot on our facebook page. Thanks Hiroto for these high res images! In case you are wondering about the wheel/tire setup, Work  Gnosis GS2 ( F,19X10 -30 235/35 / R,19X11.5 -71 265/30). This may not be everyone’s style, but this RX7 has certainly pushed some boundaries and buttons.  Note, some wallpaper sizes are included below. 


Wallpapers for above shot: 3200×1800 | 2880 x 1800 | 1920×1080








Kenmeri Skyline

Yesterday Pete and I met up for an early morning shoot. We weren’t sure if the weather would cooperate, but the ominous clouds seemed to wait it out for us. Pete recently purchased this 1975 Nissan Skyline”Kenmeri” (ケンメリ)  from JDM Legends.  JDM Legends has brought over several Kenmeri’s within the last few years, but this might be my particular favorite. If you are not aware; the Kenmeri C110 Skyline is very rare stateside. If I could guess, I would say there are probably less then 20 in North America. In fact, this is actually the first and only Kenmeri in Illinois.

When you hear “Kenmeri,” it just screams “Japanese.”  However, it’s not actually a Japanese word per se. The c110 Skyline will forever be associated with the “Ken & Mary” advertising campaign in Japan. This highly successful advertising strategy led to large Nissan Skyline sales throughout Japan in the 1970′s.  The campaign featured two characters named Ken and Mary, hence the Skyline’s moniker of “Kenmeri (Ken & Mary).”

Pete’s Skyline is a 1975 GT model. It’s been modified to give it the popular “GT-R look.” This is very common in Japan. In fact, most conversions also include a GT-R badges which leads to confusion by the novice car enthusiast. In Japan however, switching out emblems is more or less a “tribute,” rather then what we commonly call “faking the funk.” In other words, an acceptable social practice. Speaking of the GT-R; if you ever have the opportunity to purchase a legit Kenmeri GT-R (KPGC110), jump on it- only 197 were ever made!


GT-R exterior components such as the grill, over-fenders, tail light garnish, rear spoiler and black colored fender mirrors completing the “clone” look that is very popular with these cars.


Datsun competition style seats provide a very snug interior fit.


14″ Watanabe wheels are the perfect complement for any Japanese vintage car.  Specs are as follows: 14×8.5 -13 front / 14×9.5 -25 rear. The car is lowered with an adjustable front coilover system and the rear sits on KYB Adjustable Shocks.


The heavens really opened up for this shot.


Small details such as the “skyline” etched on the dash is also present in Pete’s Hakosuka Skyline. Oh… did we mention he owns a Hako as well?!



Very cool handmade shift knob by Nostalgic Grains.


Pete was lucky the previous owner in Japan replaced the 2.0L motor with the peppier L28. The L28 is outfitted with triple Mikuni (Nismo) 44mm carburetors.


Thanks for reading this small feature and be sure to check out Pete’s Kenmeri at the next jdmc event.


Offset Kings Chicago- Video Coverage!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our second collaboration show with Fatlace, Offset Kings!  OK was another successful event with great people, cars, and weather. Greg is working on our event coverage, but in the meantime here is our official video by Jay’s Media.  Be sure to check out the rest of Jay’s work by checking out his vimeo page.

OFFSET KINGS | Chicago 2014 from JaysMedia on Vimeo.

RWB with some good company

With Danny’s RWB 993 in Chicago, we couldn’t help ourselves with this idea. Thanks to Jeremy Cliff for not only helping with delivery of the RWB, but also for taking this sweet shot. Click on the pic for a high res 1920×1080 wallpaper! Don’t forget to also check out Jeremy’s Facebook page.