Mini Meet

It’s hard to believe that it’s mid July, and this was our first mini meet this  year.  What people don’t realize is that setting up meets isn’t as easy at it seems. As the organizer you have to take responsibility for finding a good location,  making sure management approves, and possibly securing permits.  We also tend to lose locations fairly often and this is why this entire process is exhausting. The worst is when we do all the ground work and other random groups come in and piggy back on our location. I mean, it’s not our location per se, but people lack originality these days and don’t want to put in any effort. These other groups tend not to enforce any rules and we end up getting blamed if something bad happens. It’s been a constant revolving door and then we have to move on to the next spot. 

With that said, I’ve been getting some texts from multiple friends asking when we are planning our next meet, FNL’s, etc. My schedule has been pretty crazy this year, but I really want to get back to our roots and organize more of these “mini meets.”  As you guys know, we don’t advertise all over the place and we try to make these meets fairly low key. People find out about these meets from the forums (not as popular like the old days), word of mouth, or my private posts on Facebook.  Even though maybe 300+ cars showed up on a random Wednesday night, everything ran super smooth.   Be on the lookout for another mini meet later this month! 

If you got to the meet early, it almost looked like an NSX gathering.  This was actually no accident. There was already a pre-planned NSX meet at the neighboring Portillo’s.  I invited the guys over to the JDMC meet and we had about 15-16 NSX’s in attendance. This was probably the most amount of NSX’s I’ve seen at one place in years.

Everett with his always revolving set of wheels..

Danny with his bagged ISF / RSF front conversion…

Fish with one of the first Rocket Bunny kits came out with some bronze Rotiforms…

AJ brought his rare IS300 wagon with manual transmission.

WRX with JZ/RWD? wow… this was something I didn’t expect to see and probably wasn’t easy to do.

Not sure if this was a debut, but Ilia and Josh from Team Proceed brought their new cars to the meet. Knowing these guys, expect some big changes to the FD and S14….  

New JDMCHICAGO Pocket T’s & Stickers

New for the summer are some high quality pocket t-shirts and stickers. Click here to access the store. We ship world wide! Click on the  image for a higher resolution look! 

Twice As Nice- 2003 Acura RSXs for Super Street Magazine

I had the pleasure of shooting these two cars for the July 2017 issue of Super Street Magazine.  The issue is out now,  so please support print and consider picking up an issue.  The shoot actually took place in Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2016.  I took awhile to edit/process these pics, but luckily I was finished in time for these cars to appear in the annual “Honda Issue.”   

Jason and Brian were really cool guys and super laid back/easy to work with.  After checking with a few friends, we found this location fairly close to where I was staying.   I didn’t bring any of my lighting equipment to the shoot, so I used natural light and multiple exposures for this particular set.  The early morning hours gave us some really nice light, but unfortunately things got a bit more harsh as the morning progressed.  Eventually I had to move to a shaded area at this location to get some additional shots of Jason’s car.  

As you guys know, I like to re-post pics from my editorial shoots after a feature drops.  For some reason, the resolution and quality is sorta degraded on Super Street’s site, but you can still go there to check out the full article and feature by clicking here.  Enjoy the pics below (click the photo for a higher res image)!

Hot & Cold- Ray’s MX-5 ND

Ray has been through several great builds over the years, but the latest is an MX5 ND.  I’ve been wanting to take a few snaps since he picked up his TE’s, so we met up this weekend for some quick shots. See below and click on the  photo for a higher res version. 

Love the Garage Vary Type 3 front lip and side skirts. 

Just an artsy shot of the newly released Bride A.I.R. bucket seat with Teamtech 5-Point Racing Harness.

The car sits nicely with my all time favorite wheels-Volk TE37’s (16×8 +25) on Stance Super Sport Coilovers with ASC Air Cup Kit. Check out a video of it in action here.

The Integral Kobe Carbon Fiber rear duckbill spoiler gives the car a nice balance and stays true to the lines of the car.

Full Mid List:

  • Garage Vary Type 3 Front lip
  • Garage Vary Side skirts
  • Fujitsubo Quad tip Exhaust system with Rear Diffuser
  • Integral Kobe Carbon Fiber rear duckbill spoiler
  • Custom powder coated White Pearl finished Cusco 4 Point half Cage
  • New released Bride A.I.R. bucket seat
  • Teamtech 5-Point Racing Harness
  • Personal Nardi Neo Grinta 330mm Steering Wheel with WORK Bell quick release
  • Tommy Kaira Hebi Shift Knob
  • Greddy Informeter Touch gauge
  • Zeromotive Red Checkered floor mats
  • Stance Super Sport Coilover with ASC Air Cup Kit
  • Volk Racing TE37 16×8 +25
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires 205/50R16
  • Full Cusco chassis underbrace kit, Cusco front strut bar, Cusco front and rear sway bar
  • Garage Star door bushings
  • Koyorad Radiator
  • Odula Blue Radiator hose kit
  • Mishimoto Wiper fluid aluminum tank
  • Mazdaspeed side reflectors
  • ZOOM convex gold side mirrors
  • Guardian Design Carbon Fiber side mirror cover and shifter dash cover

Automass Returns!

We are excited to work with Gridlife/TF-Works/ & Club FR to bring back Automass! This is going to be a two day event.  Registration is now open! If you are registering for the car show, please note that the car show is only on day 2.   Head over to for more details.   (CLICK on the image below for a higher res image):