Gene Siepka’s Nissan 370z Super Street Feature

Congrats to our friend Gene for yet another magazine feature! People always wonder how they can get into a magazine. It’s a simple formula- Build a great car and expect the recognition. Although Gene’s issue of Super Street has since passed, the full article and feature is available here. I decided to upload some of the images here on JDMC; because for some odd reason, the quality looks a bit compromised on the Super Street website. Enjoy!

Click on the image for the high res version.













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Offset Kings / Gridlife 2016

Now that the weekend is finally over, I wanted to post some photos from Offset Kings/Gridlife.  This was the 4th year that JDMC has collaborated with Fatlace to bring you Offset Kings Chicago. Despite the holiday weekend, attendance and show participation was amazing! Teaming up with Gridlife allowed us to bring the event to the Autobahn Country Club. Most show-goers were thrilled to go to a car show with the backdrop of live racing.  I’ll have more pics posted later this week, but here are some teasers for now.

Click on the image for a higher res shot!


Jordan Conner’s infamous Datsun 510 with an ’06 Ecotec 2.4L high compression LE5 from a Pontiac Solstice.


Nick’s bagged Varis widebody sti.


Josh from Team Proceed stripped down the aesthetics in favor of a clean Nismo theme.


Eric Verastegui added a new CF spoiler to his Ridox Supra. Looks quite nice!


Steve from Risky Devil…


Chris, Sammy, and their body guard Walter



Aj’s r32.




Team Proceed tandem! Simba with Josh in the background.







Loud & Obnoxious! We’re talking about the car here, not the owner! 😉 Love u Fish…


Offset Kings Chicago 2016!

We are excited to bring back Offset Kings to Chicago in collaboration with Gridlife and Fatlace.  This will be an amazing track/drift event with a car show! Although the track event is almost closed (via gridlife), please head over to to register your car for the automotive showcase.


Wekfest Chicago 2016- Part 4

Here is the concluding photos for Wekfest Chicago. Special thanks to Young Ko for the bonus “over head” shots I’ve also added here.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Another NA1 NSX from Wisconsin on Rega Masters.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Bart’s fully built z33 with an aggressive mercury z racing wide body kit along with work S1R’s (rear specs- 11.5 -34 !). <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Award winner Gene picking up his trophy. Gene owns the Varis 370z we posted in Part 3.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Mike’s Subaru Impreza GC8 on Advan RG3’s.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

BTR models came out in full force…  <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Aristo with a majesta front end/fenders/hood.  The aero is via k-break that fits nicely with the radius/flared out fenders.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Aggressive Leon Hardiritt’s. 

Wekfest Chicago 2016

One of the founding members of the Wekfest tour, Ernesto.  Honestly one of the coolest guys you’ll ever get a chance to meet.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

LS 400 on Black Chrome Eurolines <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Carlos’ mustache… on point.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Fizz Autosports LS460 on Leon Hardiritts.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Dave’s S13 you guys may remember that I shot for Super Street Magazine. Click here for more pics of this car. 

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Steve’s S14 on Work Emotion XT7s.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Shane’s Del Sol.  <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

C63 AMG with Prior Design Aero on K Break Wheels.  Exceptional bodywork was done to fit the aggressive wheels.

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Scott Anderson’s S13.5 now in yellow. 

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Ryan Derrick’s insane Cobalt. I heard it has 5,000 HP or something…  <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Another shot of Marcus’ G. <photo by Young Ko>

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Wekfest Chicago 2016

Everett Scott sitting on possibly the world’s smallest chair and his S2000 on new TE37v’s. 

Wekfest Chicago 2016

That concludes our Wekfest coverage….. looking forward to the tour again when they return in 2017!