Super Street Magazine / Honda S2000

Check out the September 2019 issue of Super Street Magazine for Matthew’s Jensen’s Honda S2000, shot in Milwaukee. Matt just recently sold his car, but luckily to someone local. I’m excited to see what the new owner has in store for its next phase. Below are some additional photos for you to enjoy! Click […]

Everett Scott’s S2000

I met up a few weeks ago and took a few shots of Everett Scott’s S2000. He’s been through many transformations, but you can’t beat this look with the Volk TE37v’s. Click on the photo for a higher res image.


Duc Trinh’s K20/K24 Honda S2000

Here are some bonus pics of Duc’s Honda S2000 I shot for the last issue of Super Street Magazine. Since the issue has just passed, you probably only have a few days or so to find this at your local news stand. The full story should be available at Super Street’s website in a few […]

Event Coverage- Importfest Toronto (Part 2 of 3)

Time for part 2…..

Here is Aidan’s clean VIP-inspired IS300 from Liberty VIP Car Club. The owner seemed really passionate about his car and took the time to show and describe some nice details amidst the blaring house music. I’m diggin those limited edition centercaps on the Leon Hardiritt Bugel wheels.

Another S2k….guess […]

Event Coverage- Importfest Toronto (Part 1 of 3)

What a busy weekend! A large group hit up WekEast in NJ while I headed up to our neighbors up north to witness what was described as Canada’s “Biggest and Baddest” car show. Maybe my expectations were over the top, but the show was of a decent size. For reference, I would say it was […]