Honda Tuning- Suraj’s 1998 Civic LX

Here are some bonus photos from Suraj’s Civic shoot. Although this feature was just released, I shot last year in Detroit, Michigan. To be honest with you guys, I’m not too happy with this set and felt super rushed at the time. Strobing a car takes time and I believe we only had about 1.5 […]

Event Coverage- Importfest Toronto (Part 1 of 3)

What a busy weekend! A large group hit up WekEast in NJ while I headed up to our neighbors up north to witness what was described as Canada’s “Biggest and Baddest” car show. Maybe my expectations were over the top, but the show was of a decent size. For reference, I would say it was […]

Feature: 2002 Honda Civic Si

Black Gold

Clive Hendricks’ 2002 Honda Civic Si

Words: Raymond Wu Photos: Ethan Caldwell Discuss this car on the forums by clicking here!















As a certain breed of people, we drive cars that are uniquely different and special. Some are […]