Twice As Nice- 2003 Acura RSXs for Super Street Magazine

I had the pleasure of shooting these two cars for the July 2017 issue of Super Street Magazine.  The issue is out now,  so please support print and consider picking up an issue.  The shoot actually took place in Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2016.  I took awhile to edit/process these pics, but luckily […]

Chen Huang’s 2000 Acura Integra Type R

Congrats to Chen for making the current issue of Super Street Magazine. Chen met up with me a few months ago in Chicago. After some coffee and what not, we drove to the city to get the feature done. I would have loved to have gone to Chen’s backyard (Iowa) for the shoot, but unfortunately […]

Everett Scott’s S2000

I met up a few weeks ago and took a few shots of Everett Scott’s S2000. He’s been through many transformations, but you can’t beat this look with the Volk TE37v’s. Click on the photo for a higher res image.


Duc Trinh’s K20/K24 Honda S2000

Here are some bonus pics of Duc’s Honda S2000 I shot for the last issue of Super Street Magazine. Since the issue has just passed, you probably only have a few days or so to find this at your local news stand. The full story should be available at Super Street’s website in a few […]

Vegas Baby, Vegas- Jeffrey Nguyen’s 1991 Acura NSX

Here are some bonus pics from Jeff Nguyen’s NSX featured in last month’s Super Street Magazine. Back in April this year things were fairly busy with my freelance photography. I knew things were going well because time management was starting to become an issue- Family life, photo shoots, the “9-5” gig, managing this website, […]