Feature: Another Level Car Show Coverage (Part I)

Bringing the Scene Back

Another Level Car Show 2011 from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

Words:   Ginash George
Photography:  Brian Jarocki, Mike Maravilla, &  Brad Sillars
Video: Mike Marvilla

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Let’s face it- the corporate car show has killed the import car scene.  With the locals fedup with the drama,  high costs, and politics;  this culture has been slowing dying.  However,  a new formula has emerged throughout the country- create a show by the locals,  for the locals. Dump the BS and get back to basics.  This is exactly what Another Level (AL) is all about,  the brain-child of Justin Salvadalena.

Justin started out doing Scion shows back in 2004.   Although the show was specifically a “Scion thing,”  it grew quickly and absorbed other makes/models from Toyota and  Lexus. With the success of these events,  Justin created a nice niche following and felt he was in a position to go to the next level.   In 2008, Justin and a small group of friends thought it would be fun to do a show in a parking garage.  They had seen coverage of  similar events out West,  and thought  “why not here?”

Chad & Son!

In 2009, the search began for a parking garage that could host Another Level.   After exhausting many options,   the team ended up finding an ideal location in Palatine,  IL.  Once the venue was finalized,  the mission of the show was evaluated.   Instead of following the same tired recipes of old,  they decided that bringing back a “homegrown”  experience would be best for the community,  and also felt that giving back was the direction they wanted for AL:

Brad Sillars (JDMC and Fatlace Photog) shows us that modeling isn't for everyone

“We feel that too many of the large shows profit greatly off of the car scene and wanted to make sure that the people attending knew that their registration fees were going to a good cause and no to someone’s wallet.”

The first event drew way more cars then they initially expected.  It had the feeling of a meet,  but out-drew some of the bigger show cars.  350+ cars was deemed a great success for its inaugural event.   In 2010, the show continued but this time with a higher quality of vehicles and larger group of spectators.

“We knew after the 2010 show that this was growing exactly how we had hoped.  2011 was our biggest event yet.  Many local shops realized the potential and jumped on board to work with us.  There were thousands of spectators this year drawn out to see the cars, trucks, and bikes that the Midwest has to offer.  They were not disappointed.  We hope to host our event next year and continue to grow. “

So there you have it,   the story behind Another Level.   Take heed corporate bastards!   This is how you do a show that brings back the scene to the people that built it.

Anthony from IND Distribution & Kelly posing with his new Equilibrium Recon bag and Seen it! gear

Gallery (Click for high res):

Mike’s Pics:

Brad’s Pics:

Brian’s Pics:



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