JDMC Hakosuka Project Car

Time to let the cat out of the bag.   Here is a quick teaser shot of my ’72 Nissan Skyline GTX Hakosuka. I just got back from Utah to finally see the car in person after procuring it from JDM Legends back in April.  More pics and the story behind the car next week. Thanks again to Eric and Ryan at JDM-L for their hospitality. These two guys are quite possibly the coolest dudes I know from Utah. Also, thanks to a few close friends who kept the news of the car under wraps! Also, I have to apologize to a few homies for denying the car was mine after Speedhunters leaked that the “owner is from Chicago.”  In other news, come back tomorrow for an epic 6 series/part blog post that will cover a once in a lifetime trip to Japan.


Click here for a 1920 x 1080 wallpaper of the above shot.





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