Visit to Starroad, Japan- Teaser Shot

Star Road (有限会社 スターロード), is one of the premier vintage restorers/tuner located in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.  They typically work on the Z and Skyline platform, but take in other cars as well. Although the shop is not well known outside of Japan, we hope to soon change that. I’ve been networking with the owner Shouji recently thanks to the magic of facebook. I asked if he would be cool if we could do a shoot/feature of his shop, and he seemed pretty stoked about the idea. So without any hesitation, we flew out Ethan Caldwell to get the job done! Kidding on flying him out, but stars aligned since he was already in Japan. Here is a quick teaser shot for now of this beautiful s30 on Work Equips 03’s.


[Click on the above shot for a 1920 x 1080 wallpaper! ]



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