AE86 Modified Magazine Feature

Congrats to Luis Colon who just had his AE86 featured in the current (July 2013) issue of Modified Magazine. Although I shot this car last year, I was happy to shoot it a second time. The editor of Modified actually was going through JDMC and Luis’ car definitely stood out. He then asked me if the owner would be interested in a feature. Of course I didn’t expect Luis to say no. Anyways, here are a few bonus shots I thought I would share. Definitely go pick up this issue and support print!

4A-GE 20 valve motor, with 45mm ITB’s.

I’m a big fan of the overall look of the car, especially how it sits with the SSR MK II’s.

A few more interior detail shot that weren’t used in the magazine.

One last bonus shot from the feature shoot.



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