Automass Returns!

We are excited to work with Gridlife/TF-Works/ & Club FR to bring back Automass! This is going to be a two day event. Registration is now open! If you are registering for the car show, please note that the car show is only on day 2. Head over to for more details. (CLICK on […]

Automass Rd. 3 (Part 3 of 3)

Wrapping up Automass coverage with a few more photos. We’ll keep this last part short and sweet.

Richard Fisher’s LS powered S14.

Chob in 2JZgte powered GS, plenty of power with over 450 whp. Josh of course accompanying in some tandem action.

Leigh’s Supra entering the vortex once again.

Larry from […]

Automass Rd. 3 Coverage (Part 1 of 3)

Just wrapped up my first set of photos from Automass. If you didn’t attend today, you really missed out on a great time. Automass is a local “grass roots” style automotive event that combines a car show with live drifting. We’ve been helping promote this event since its inception, and always down to support. The […]

Final Automass Rd. 2 Coverage (Part 4 of 4)

Wrapping up our Automass coverage with one last set of drift pics. Looking forward to Round 3 next year!

Devin Bosch’s SC300. Interesting routing of his exhaust pipes.

Aj’s BMW e30 unconventionally powered by a Nissan SR20 motor.

Tandem run by Keith Carlos LS powered z33 and Juan Marquez in the CM […]

Automass Coverage (Part 3 of 4)

Photography: Bill Fan, Darian Duchan, & Synth19

Words: Ilia Smolov & Simba Nyemba (Edited by Synth19/Ginash G)

Most people that stopped by AutoMass heard the event advertised as a “Drift event and car show”. In my opinion….AutoMass was ALL car show, but in the best way possible. Not only did some of Chicago’s best show […]