Feature: iLL Garage Acura Integra (Type-R)

iLLest Integra

Armando Nanalig’s 2000 Integra Type R (Owner of iLL Garage)

Words: Ginash George
Photos: Brad Sillars

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If you’re a product of the 80’s, who could ever forget 1985? Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his second term, Nintendo was born, ”Back to the Future” was a box office phenomenon, and the Integra debuted in Japan. As the luxury division of Honda, Acura strategically priced and marketed this entry-level fwd sports car in the US. A strong and almost cult-like following soon developed, and it still continues to be a favorite to tuners world-wide.

The even sportier and more refined Integra Type-R (ITR) was released in 1997. Limited and rare, it sold well until it was finally discontinued in 2001. Armando Nanalig is an O.G. Type R owner, lucky enough to pick his “R” in 2000. The vehicle continues to be  highly sought after, especially a proper example as showcased here.

As one of the owners of iLL Garage, Armando Nanalig knew he needed a car to market his tuner company. The plan was simple: Purchase every conceivable modification known to man, and justify the parts as a “write off” to the significant other. One caveat however;  no cheap parts, authentic JDM goodies, and maintain his vision of purpose, form, and beauty.

Many people do not know that the Type R’s B18C5 engine is merely a tuned version of Honda’s GS-R’s B18C1. If Mr. Honda could see what Armando did to his B18C5, I think he would applaud the level of detail and care Armando took in building his rock solid engine.

When Armando initially purchased his Type R, he had some lofty goals in mind. In order to perfectly balance his power addiction,  Armando realized that the stock motor needed some minor alterations. Outfitted with bullet-proof engine components, no expenses were spared. This Golden Eagle Sleeved B18c5 block features JE 84mm 9:1 pistons, JE X-rings, Eagle H beam Rods, JDM OEM Honda CTR Cams, AEBS Head studs, and much more. But why go to such extremes? When you’re pushing 461 ponies, a fully built motor is almost a necessary evil.

Some cars are destined to live a naturally aspirated life. Point A to Point B. With the mod bug in Armando’s blood, forced induction was his destinty. Armando took a different approach with the FI build. Instead of looking at a typical “cookie cutter” kit, he went ahead and picked some of the best parts for the “R.” It has been speculated that Armando coined the term “Overnighting Parts from Japan.” Custom piping along with plenty of safety/cooling modifications makes this Integra an absolute beast on the track. Best run so far has been 11.73 @ 128mph.

Along with a beefed up engine, Armando needed to bulk up the drivetrain and transmission components in order to handle the extra power.  The Competition Clutch Twin Disk Racing clutch is more then capable of managing the 400+HP that Armando is pushing. This in conjunction with some smooth shifting is facilitated by the DC Sports short shifter.

One can argue that the aesthetics and the lines of a car is what initially grabs your attention. This stayed true to Armando. Armando always loved the design of the Integra, but wanted to personalize the car in order to accentuate it’s features and to improve the aerodynamics. Exterior enhancements include a variety of JDM Integra parts as well as select aero components in order to improve performance. If you look at the car from a distance, you can appreciate the subtle modifications and almost “stock like”  appearance of the build.  This is one Integra that appears it came right off of an assembly line.

Armando is somewhat of a practical man. “Everyone needs two sets of shoes.” This rule not only applies to himself, but also to his vehicles. A set of 16″ Volk Racing/Rays TE37’s are laced with a custom sunset gold finish. A second set of Volk RE30’s were ordered in mercury silver. Both wrapped with Hankooks.

When Armando needs to catch his breath, he relies on a set of JDM Spoon 4 piston caliper with Brembo Sport Cross Drilled rotors.  Hawk Street Brake Pads provide plenty of grip and it’s reputation of low dust keep his wheels looking fresh and clean. Armando’s interior is a virtual playground of JDM toys. Outsourcing JDM ITR parts is not easy, but Armando managed to score a pleathora of  parts including; a Stitch Shift Boot, SRS Steering Wheel, Center Console Delete, Center Console Badge, Fog Light Switch, Black Recaro front seats with red stitching, floor mats, and trunk mat. If their is a shortage of JDM ITR parts in the country, now you know where they all went.

With only one future goal  in mind “Going faster,” it will be treat to see what Armando has in store with his ITR. As long as he keeps it clean and maintains his vision, JDM Chicago looks forward to future updates as Armando’s Integra continues to evolve. The question is…what happens after he runs out of mods?

-JDM Chicago

Discuss the car in the forums by clicking here.


Modification List

Exterior Enhancements:
USDM OEM Honda Optional Side skirts
USDM OEM Hond Optional Rear Valences
JDM OEM Honda 98 spec ITR HID Front End Conversion
JDM OEM Honda ITR Front Lip
JDM OEM Honda ITR Rear Tail Lamps
JDM OEM Honda Rear Red H Emblem
JDM Vision TypeMC Carbon Fiber Mirrors
JDM Honda Access Visors
Custom Shaved front license plate holder
Invidia Carbon Fiber Hood
Composite-Fab Carbon fiber Roof Cap
Seibon Carbon fiber Type R Wing
Benen Rear tow hook

Suspension /Chassis:
JDM Zeal/Endless B2B Coilover suspension with Pillow Mounts
Comptech Rear lower Brace (polished)
Benen stainless B Pillar Bar
JDM J’s Racing C Pillar Tie Bar
JDM Mugen Titanium Front Upper Tie Bar
JDM Mugen Titanium Rear Upper Tie Bar
JimFab Traction Bars
JimFab Torque Mounts
Hasport Aluminum Race Motor Mounts
JDM OEM Honda 23mm ITR Swaybar

Competition Clutch Twin Disk Racing clutch
Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Energy Suspension Shifter Bushing
DC Sports short shifter

Wheels, tires & Brakes:
JDM Spoon 4 piston caliper
Brembo Sport Cross Drilled rotors
Hawk Street Brake Pads
Super Blue ATE Brake Fluid
16″ Custom Powdercoated Sunset Gold JDM Volk Racing/Rays TE-37 Wheels
16” MQ Silver Volk Rays RE30s
Hankook RS232 215/45/16 Tires
ARP Extended front lugnuts
Rays Blue Extended Duranuts in Rear
Titek Extended Open lugnuts in Front

Interior Enhancements:
JDM OEM Honda ITR red Stitch Shift Boot
JDM OEM Honda ITR SRS Steering Wheel
JDM OEM Honda ITR Center Console Delete
JDM OEM Honda ITR Center Console Badge
JDM OEM Honda ITR Fog Light Switch
JDM OEM Honda ITR Black Recaro front seats with red stitching
Spoon Sports 98 Spec ITR Guage Cluster
USDM OEM Honda ITR Floor Mats
USDM OEM Honda ITR Trunk Mat
Top Shop Interiors Carbon Fiber Cargo Cover
Top Shop Interiors Carbon Fiber Headliner
Momo Phantom Carbon Shift knob
JDM Razo Carbon Fiber Pedals

Engine Management:/ Electronics Enhancements:
AEM EMS 30-1050 V1.19
FJO Wide Band NTK o2 Sensor with control unit and LCD display
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Electronic Boost Gauge
Greddy Electronic Fuel Pressure Gauage
Greddy Electronic Oil Pressure Gauage

Kenwood Excelon MP922 Head unit
Kenwood 6 ½” Front and Rear 2 way speakers

Engine Performance Enhancements:

Golden Eagle Sleeved B18c5 84mm block
JE 84mm 9:1 pistons
JE X-rings
Eagle H beam Rods
Micropolished OEM B18c5 Crank
ACL Main and Rod Bearings
OEM Honda Oil Pump
OEM Honda Water Pump

Cylinder Head:
USDM OEM Honda 2000 Stock B18C5 Head
Port flow inner valve springs
JDM OEM Honda CTR Cams
STR Cam Seal
Cometic MLS Head Gasket
AEBS Head studs
Edelbrock Victor X Polished Intake Manifold
USDM ITR Throttle Body

Forced Induction:
Custom Stainless Steel t3 Top Mount Manifold Jet-Hot Powder coated Silver Aluminum
Custom 3″ Stainless Steel Downpipe, Jet-Hot Coated Silver Aluminum
Precision Turbo SC61 Turbo Jet-Hot Coated Silver Aluminum Hotside
Tial 44mm V-Band Wastegate 8psi spring
PWR Performance 24x8x3 intercooler core
Blitz DD BOV
Custom 3” Aluminum Cold Side IC Piping
Custom 2.5” Aluminum Hot Side IC Piping
ATP 3-ply silicone couples
ATP T-bolt clamps
Greddy Oil Sandwich adapter
Stainless Steel Teflon -3an Oil feed and -10an return line
Stainless Steel Teflon Lined Fuel Lines
Endyn Catch Can
Thermal 3″ SS Turbo Catback Exhaust

C&R Racing Civic Aluminum Radiator with Spal fan
C&R Racing Silicone Radiator Hoses
JDM Spoon Race Thermostat
JDM Spoon Thermostat Switch
JDM Spoon Radiator stay bracket
Redline Watter Wetter
Rear Hood vent
Annodized Blue Aluminum overflow tank

Fuel & Spark:
Greddy 720cc injectors
OEM Honda injector resistor box
AEM Fuel Filter (red)
AEM Fuel Rail (red)
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (red)
Walbro 255 lph High Pressure Intank Fuel Pump
NGK Blue wires
NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
GM 3 Bar Map Sensor

Engine Accessories:
PasswordJDM Polished Hood Dampers
PasswordJDM Carbon Kevlar Spark Plug cover
Datum1 Vtec Solenoid polished Aluminum cover
AEM Underdrive PS Pulley
JDM Spoon Magnetic Drain bolts
JDM OEM Honda ITR Red Valve Cover
JDM OEM Honda CTR Oil Cap
JDM Spoon Reservoir Covers

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