Mini-Feature: Cube in the Wild

Gene’s & Christine’s 2010 Nissan Cube

Photos & Words: Ginash George

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The Nissan Cube is not the likely car you see modified or altered from its factory form. After all, Nissan intended this car to be your budget commuter. If you knew the owners of this car, it would be no surprise that this Cube has a bit of a personality.¬† In fact, a Cube “culture” has slowing been emerging as more Cube owners embrace it’s fun styling.

Gene and Christine¬† picked up this 2010 Cube earlier this year as a daily driver and winter car. They already own a nicely built Nissan 370z, and a intimidating RX8.¬† The goal of this car is to keep the styling minimal and clean. Current modifications include Tanabe coilovers, an OEM Aero kit, Forj Works Eyelids, ATI Grill, discontinued Work Ewing wheels, & Junction Produce accessories. So there you have it, a respectable commuter… with a wild side!

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