Wekeast Coverage Teaser

Wekfest has come and gone,  but we are still sorting through a ton of photos.  Since many of our readers have already seen shots posted up on other blogs and sites,  we’l try to post some more interesting and unique coverage to keep you guys interested over the next few days.  Here is a quick teaser of Sergey’s MR2 during a pre-meet/cruise organized by the good guys over @ SNTRL.  Thanks Sam for this really cool fisheye shot.  The NYC crew went really out of the their way to be accommodating and the Chicago group is truly appreciative for the love.  We hope to return the favor and see you guys in Chitown!  Custom Wallpapers added below!

Wallpapers: 1920 x 1080  |  1280 x 720  |  1024 x 593  | 1680 x 1050



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