Wekfest Chicago 2016- Part 4

Here is the concluding photos for Wekfest Chicago. Special thanks to Young Ko for the bonus “over head” shots I’ve also added here.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Another NA1 NSX from Wisconsin on Rega Masters.

Bart’s fully built z33 with an aggressive mercury z racing wide body kit along […]

Wekfest Chicago 2016- Part 3

Just when I thought I was going to wrap up my coverage today, I have to extend this to one more day. As usual, these are in no particular order. We have a bit of everything captured here; from the roll-in as well as end of day shots. I dont like to put more than […]

Wekfest Chicago 2016- Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Wekfest coverage. We’ll have one last set posted either tomorow or Thursday.

You would be all smiles too if you had an R34 Vspec GTR.

Steve Lowell’s really clean EG. He’s really done some nice things to the car since I’ve seen it last. Maybe […]

Wekeast Coverage Teaser

Wekfest has come and gone, but we are still sorting through a ton of photos. Since many of our readers have already seen shots posted up on other blogs and sites, we’l try to post some more interesting and unique coverage to keep you guys interested over the next few days. Here is a quick […]

Wekeast- Video Coverage by Halcyon Photo

We’re gonna take a break from our Importfest coverage until tomorrow, but in the meantime- here is a teaser of the Wekeast Show! Pics from Wekfest probably won’t get get done until this weekend, so enjoy this cool video by Halcyon Photo in the interim. Thanks for the JDM Chicago love!