When I first heard about “The Retro Car Kings” back in December, I was in utter disbelief after viewing the trailer. Being a huge fan of the vintage car culture in Japan, the news of this show was equivalent to hearing that Top Gear was coming to the US. However, unlike Top Gear USA, the Retro Car Kings actually delivers.

The Retro Car Kings gives you an inside peak at the work, and philosophical differences of the various vintage restoration shops in Japan such as; RWB, TA-Auto, Star Road, Rocky Auto, and more. Excited yet? Well, the bad news is that Retro Car Kings only airs on Discovery Japan. Special thanks to my friend Jim who found episode 1 on Vimeo. Enjoy!

Edit 2/23/13: Since we posted this vid here, a ton of blogs picked it up and looks like the Vimeo link is down. Here is the youtube version:




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