Jay’s 2009 Nissan 370Z Nismo Edition

Most of the time, we get to watch cars slowly evolve, as our friends and colleagues continuously add quality parts and build their perfect car. Other times, a build comes roaring out of nowhere and takes us all by surprise. Jay Jancetic’s 2009 Nismo Edition 370Z is one of those builds. Jay picked the car up in the Spring of 2011 and wasted no time sending the car over to the Z fanatics at Project X to get his dream build started. His first summer with the car was spent getting his stance just right, picking out his perfect wheels, and planning. Jay’s plan was to surprise everyone with one of the best built 370Z’s in the country. 2012 was spent building the car with that goal in mind. Currently the car is running in the 500-600WHP range while breaking in the motor, and the next step is to turn the boost up to an easily supported 800+ WHP. With a plethora of high quality and unique parts, it looks like few could argue that Jay has indeed reached his goal.

Jay chose the Nismo Edition 370Z over its regular brethren for a number of reasons. Primarily, though, the fact that it came with great looking functional aero and suspension upgrades sealed the deal.

The custom built Project X skateboard rack is more than just a hipster addition. Jay parks his Z eight blocks from his home in the city, and uses his skateboard to commute around the area. Something was needed to keep the board from sliding all over the car!

Stance coilovers, SPC camber components, and massive 20×10/20×11 Work Gnosis GS2 wheels wrapped in 275/295 Hankook Ventus V12 tires keep this Z planted to the ground and looking great. Click here for a 1920×1080 wallpaper

Status seats and harnesses nestled into the 4point roll bar keep Jay safe and secure in his car, no matter what he is up to.

The extremely rare Ings+1 Z Power dry carbon GT Wing rounds out Jay’s aero package. This is the only dry carbon Ings+1 wing ever imported into the United States, not just for the Z, but for any vehicle.

The heart of Jay’s build is a fully built GTM twin turbo VQ37 powerplant, fully wire tucked, and placed into a shaved engine bay, color matched to his brakes. This attention to detail can be found throughout Jay’s 370Z.

WP Pro brakes consisting of 6 pot front calipers and 4 pot rear calipers, resting on massive 385 MM rotors all around, eliminate the brake fade common to 370Z’s.

The command center of Jay’s 370Z shows his affinity for clean and functional upgrades. A custom mounted Zeitronix gauge set up, his coveted Tommy Kiara “Hebi Bebi” shift knob, and many other quality modifications connect him to his machine and add to his driving excitement.

Modification List:


  • 35% Tints on all windows
  • J-Spec Tail Lights
  • Ings +1 Dry Carbon Wing


  • Nardi Type-A 330MM Steering Wheel
  • Baller Bolts Burnt Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts
  • Works Bell Splash Short Hub
  • Works Bell Type II Quick Release Hub (blue)
  • Status Racing (FIA approved) Race Seats
  • Tommy Kiara Hebi-Bebi Shift Knob
  • Custom one-off skateboard rack by Project X Customs
  • Custom one-off Lightweight MDF & Vinyl Covered Trunk Floor by Project X Customs
  • GTR R35 Push Button Ignition Switch
  • B&M Precision Short Throw Shifter
  • Auto Power Roll Bar

             Wheels and Brakes

  • Work Gnosis GS2 20×10.5 +10 (front) 20×11 -1 (rear)
  • WP Pro Big Brake Kit (360MM Rotors, 6 piston calipers (front), 4 piston calipers (rear)
  • Hankook Ventus V12 Tires 275/30/20 295/25/20Suspension
  • Stance GR+ Coilovers
  • SPC Front & Rear Camber Arms
  • SPC Front A Arms
  • SPC Rear Toe Bolts
  • Stillen Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
  • GT Spec Rear Strut BracePerformance
  • GTM Turbo Kit Stage 2 (1 Bar wastegates and 50MM BOV) GT30 Tuner Kit
  • Uprev license (Osiris)
  • Zietronix ZT2 Dash DAQ dual harness (vehicle data monitoring system-with additional ZT2 for dual harness)
  • Zietronix boost pressure sensor and harness set (50psi 3.5 bar map)
  • Zietronix ZAVT1 trigger and relay
  • HKS EVC Electronic Valve Boost Controller
  • HKS Electronic Valve Controller Easy Writer
  • HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
  • Stillen Oil Cooler
  • Nismo Finned Rear Differential CoverEngine Build
  • Cosworth Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Arias Custom Pistons
  • GTM Titanium Connecting Rods
  • DW 1000cc Injectors
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • Exedy Twin Disc Clutch & Flywheel
  • Carbonetics 1.5 Way Carbon LSD
  • Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts
  • Bored To .020 OverEngine Dress Up
  • Polished Front Timing Cover
  • Siebon Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Password JDM Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
  • UAM Motorsports Aluminum Overflow Tank
  • UAM Motorsports Aluminum Power Steering Tank
  • Dressup Bolts Blue Anodized Titanium Hardware
  • Color Matched Painted Strut Bar
  • Color Matched Brake & Batter Covers
  • Nismo Oil Cap
  • Mishimoto Black Silicone Hoses
  • Painted Throttle Bodies (black)
  • Motorsports Auto Carbon Fiber Hood Damper Kit
  • Wire Tuck

  • Eclipse 7” Head Unit with NAV/Blue Tooth
  • Precision Power 8” Art Collection Series Subs
  • Precision Power PC Series Amplifiers
  • Precision Power PC Series Components
  • Precision Power Sedona Series Components
  • Custom one-off Carbon Fiber Sub Box by Project X Customs



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