Rocky Auto Hakosuka

If you’re a follower of JDM Chicago, you know that 99% of our content is written/photographed by ourselves. We take pride in providing our own original content, rather then re-hashing something you have already seen online. However, every once in awhile we come across something on the web that we want to share. Today is one such example. We came across these press photos from Work Wheels of the Rocky Auto Hakosuka. Although these were shot in 2012, I have no idea why I have not seen these before.

As you may or may not know, Rocky Auto is a car builder/restorer out of Japan. Their approach is to take vintage cars and “modernize them.”  Watanabe-san, the president of Rocky Auto has a philosophy to take an old car and “improve it” in a sense. With that said, most of the cars they build are fitted with more reliable and powerful modern engines.  Purists may disagree on their methods, but there is no denying the passion and quality Rocky Auto puts into their restorations.  Rather then going into too much detail about this car, you can read more about it on Speedhunters by clicking here.

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