Blood Type Racing Hyundai Genesis

Here are a few quick shots of BTR’s unique Hyundai Genesis coupe we captured earlier this summer. This car originally built for last year’s SEMA show features an original Kei Miura design, consisting of 40mm-wider front and 60mm-wider rear fenders. Additionally, the car is currently tuned to 800 whp. We will be shooting this car […]

RWB Meeting- Roppongi, Tokyo

A few weeks ago I met up with my good friend Michael Braeuner before he left for Japan. He wanted a few pointers on how to use his newly aquired DSLR. I gave him a quick tutorial on how to properly expose photos, and how to use his camera timer in conjunction with a tripod. […]

Hiroto Kusumoto’s Rocket Bunny RX-7 FD3S

A few weeks ago we spotted Hiroto’s Rocket Bunny FD and subsequently posted a teaser shot on our facebook page. Thanks Hiroto for these high res images! In case you are wondering about the wheel/tire setup, Work Gnosis GS2 ( F,19X10 -30 235/35 / R,19X11.5 -71 265/30). This may not be everyone’s style, but this […]

Just another BRZ?

Without a doubt, the Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS) took the world by storm. The sales may have not met global expectations per se, but it seems as if I see a ton of these driving around on a daily basis. With that said, one particular BRZ that I noticed locally was the focus […]

Rocky Auto Hakosuka

If you’re a follower of JDM Chicago, you know that 99% of our content is written/photographed by ourselves. We take pride in providing our own original content, rather then re-hashing something you have already seen online. However, every once in awhile we come across something on the web that we want to share. Today is […]