Scott’s 1993 Mazda RX-7 (Super Street Feature)

Here are some bonus pics of Scott’s Rocket Bunny RX7 featured in the January 2015 issue of Super Street Magazine. I shot this in Milwaukee, Wisconsin late last year; but as you know it usually takes a few months before a feature drops. At the time, Scott’s FD was outfitted with the first FD Rocket […]

Hiroto Kusumoto’s Rocket Bunny RX-7 FD3S

A few weeks ago we spotted Hiroto’s Rocket Bunny FD and subsequently posted a teaser shot on our facebook page. Thanks Hiroto for these high res images! In case you are wondering about the wheel/tire setup, Work Gnosis GS2 ( F,19X10 -30 235/35 / R,19X11.5 -71 265/30). This may not be everyone’s style, but this […]

Rocket Bunny FR-S

Darren Balico from New Jersey took a break from his Tundra engine equiped s14 to show some love to Touge Factory, and their first ever FRS/BRZ event. Not only did Darren attend last weekend’s event, but he brought along his brother’s Rocket Bunny FR-S. Our media wizard Mike Maravilla was able to shoot a small […]

Four-Six Customs Rocket Bunny

Touge Factory’s Four-Six Customs Rocket Bunny widebody s13 had it’s coming out party at Wekfest/Chicago. Arguably the highlight of the show, the buzz is still apparent even months after its debut. Local Photog, AJ Gillett did a full set recently for Speed Hunters. We got a hold of additional pics not previously posted on the […]