Just another BRZ?

Without a doubt, the Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS) took the world by storm. The sales may have not met global expectations per se, but it seems as if I see a ton of these driving around on a daily basis. With that said, one particular BRZ that I noticed locally was the focus […]

Miguel’s 2013 Scion FRS

I met Miguel a few years ago and frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with this guy. He was sarcastic, too good looking, and a bit of a recluse. Some may say he’s the Mexican James Franco. Eventually Miguel warmed up to me; and despite his numerous character flaws, you cannot deny his sense of […]

Rocket Bunny FR-S

Darren Balico from New Jersey took a break from his Tundra engine equiped s14 to show some love to Touge Factory, and their first ever FRS/BRZ event. Not only did Darren attend last weekend’s event, but he brought along his brother’s Rocket Bunny FR-S. Our media wizard Mike Maravilla was able to shoot a small […]

SEMA Coverage- The Final (Part 3 of 3)

Here is the last part of Ray’s SEMA coverage. I’ve included shots from the interior of the convention center, along with many of the cars displayed outside. Although I wasn’t able to attend SEMA this year, it looks as if this convention is slowly picking up again. As you go through the pics, you’ll notice […]

Feature: The Women of JDM Chicago

Breaking the Stereotype

JDM Chicago features some of the girls in the local scene.

Words: Ginash George Photos: Brad Sillars

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From L-R: Ariana, Jenna, Emily, Angela, & Tanya

Once in a great while, you will notice a sweet ride at your local car meet. On […]