Miguel’s 2013 Scion FRS

I met Miguel a few years ago and frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with this guy. He was sarcastic, too good looking, and a bit of a recluse. Some may say he’s the Mexican James Franco. Eventually Miguel warmed up to me; and despite his numerous character flaws, you cannot deny his sense of […]

Varis Widebody Evo Wallpaper

Here is a nice roller of Mike’s Varis widebody Evo, taken by Young Ko. I did some slight editing to give the shot some pop. Click on the photo for a 1600x 1080 wallpaper.


Mike’s Evo X- 2012 Update

You guys may remember the feature we did last summer of Mike’s EVO X. Well, he came HARD this year with a new set of TE37’s along with a super rare Varis Widebody. There are only a few of these kits worldwide, and this is the only non-shop kit in North America. So essentially… super […]

Nick’s 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GRB)

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Last summer, Nick was driving around in a 2000 Acura 3.5 RL. Unfortunately, the lack of power and excitement had him yearning for another car. As winter approached, Nick debated between dozens of new car options. In the end, his sensible side merged with his bad […]

Quick Sti Snap!

I met up with Nick for this shot of his sti at Six Star Motorsports. The guys there were super cool and accommodating, but the location was a tad tight due to other builds and projects in the shop. In case you’re wondering, the suby is dressed in a rare Varis x Original Runduce Collaboration […]