Miguel’s 2013 Scion FRS

I met Miguel a few years ago and frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with this guy. He was sarcastic, too good looking, and a bit of a recluse.  Some may say he’s the Mexican James Franco.  Eventually Miguel warmed up to me; and despite his numerous character flaws, you cannot deny his sense of automotive style.

When news of the FRS/BRZ/86 was released several years ago, there was a huge buzz.  The popularity of the car was almost overwhelming. Miguel liked the concept and the idea behind the FRS being the successor to the AE86 by Toyota. Being a WRX owner at the time,  he was also intrigued with Subaru co-developing a new boxer engine. Miguel was following companies such as Varis, Kei Muira ( TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny 86), INGS Japan, and several FB pages covering progress on the Toyota 86 aero kits. The attraction to the car was undeniable.

At the end of last year’s car season, Miguel debated if a new project such as the FRS was worthy of his attention. His WRX already looked good from an aesthetic standpoint, but more power meant more problems. Replacing the transmission along with other peripherals was only inevitable if he wanted to take the WRX to the next level.

Miguel finally said f*ck it, and walked into a Toyota dealership last January and picked up a Raven Black FRS. Hard to believe that the Varis kit he lusted over eventually became his own just months later.  Although Miguel admits the FRS is a bit under-powered, but he plans going with FI in the near future. What doesn’t show up on paper is the pure joy of driving this car. Considering the modifications Miguel has made in less then 6 months, we look forward to what he has in store for us in the future.


Modifications List


Varis Japan Manufacturing Arising II Aero kit

  • Varis Arising II Front Bumper
  • Varis Arising II Front lip spoiler
  • Varis Arising II Front Carbon Fiber Lip Guard L/R
  • Varis Arising II Front Carbon Fiber Lip Cover L/R
  • Varis Arising II Side Skirts With Carbon Fiber under boards
  • Varis Arising II Rear Bumper With Carbon Fiber Insert
  • Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber  Rear Bumper Air Shroud L/R
  • Vertex Japan Tail Lights
  • Toyota 86 OEM Front and Rear Badges
  • Toyota 86 OEM Clear Side Markers


  • Works Bell 540 Boss Steering Wheel Hub
  • Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release
  • Nardi Sport Rally 330mm


  • Cusco Oil Catch can
  • Cusco Battery Tie down
  • HKS Oil Cap
  • MXP Dual Titanium Tip Exhaust
  • MXP Front Pipe


  • Stance USA Super Sport Coilovers
  • Stance USA Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Cusco Carbon Fiber Front Strut bar with Brake Cylinder Stopper
  • Cusco Engine Room Power Brace
  • Cusco Rear Strut Bar

Wheels & Tires

  • SSR Professor SP3
  • Spectrum Silver
  • SSRCenter Caps B-Type Low
  • 18×9.5 +30 F
  • 18×10 + 24 R
  • Hankook Ventus V12 Evo
    • 225/40/18 F
    • 235/40/18 R



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