Just another BRZ?

Without a doubt, the Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS) took the world by storm. The sales may have not met global expectations per se, but it seems as if I see a ton of these driving around on a daily basis. With that said, one particular BRZ that I noticed locally was the focus of today’s small feature.  AC picked up this particular car from pure curiosity. Although the numbers on paper may not be that impressive, a simple test drive may change your perspective.  Within 4 months of AC’s introduction,  his S13 was parted out and the BRZ became a reality.

Aggressive wheels aren’t typically feasible with the BRZ unless some modifications are done.  AC decided to embrace the Honda-esque available offsets and go with a set of Work XT7’s. When you are limited to offsets in the +30 range, I particularly like going with wheels without a lip.

After the wheels were set, AC looked at other aesthetics. “My original plan was to run the Rocket Bunny version 1 lip kit (without the over fenders), Work 11R wheels in SBC ,and a TRD wing. Went to my buddy Ray for advice but it turns out the car will just be like every other one on the road. Then I started thinking I always loved JGTC and GT style cars. I wanted to create something along the GT style for the BRZ.”  Thanks to a few unlikely sources, AC was able to obtain an APR GT300 GT wing and also an Evo 8 diffuser. The diffuser needed some work to fit right, but I suspect you’ll see others attempt to re-create this look.

The car came with a injen intake and a no name exhaust. AC swapped out the intake for a GReddy unit and also procured a  Buddy club spec 2 exhaust. Some other engine dress up parts went on the car and finally a full stance suspension kit.

Future plans for the car would be a bucket seat, Tomei Diff and eventually a GReddy turbo kit. “I would like to get new wheels and over fenders. To finish the GT style look I want a Charge Speed carbon hood and APR canards. Finally, I want to run a Cusco 4pt roll cage or 6 if I save enough lol. My mind changes a lot but I will keep the GT style look.”







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