Slammed Society Chicago- Video Coverage!

Thanks to Mike Maravilla of Unscene Media for the official Fatlace/JDM Chicago Slammed Society video! Slammed Society Chicago turned out to be a fantastic event with over 2,000 people in attendance. We are very happy with the turnout, weather, and overall vibe! Full coverage of Slammed Society should drop later this week, but this video […]

FATLACE Slammed Society Japan 2012

Back in February a bunch of us went to San Fran for Wekfest. We met this guy Anton who we literally kept on running into that weekend. Either he was stalking us, or vice versa. haha. Anyways, he’s a real cool guy and we are glad to have kept in touch with him after all […]

Mini Feature- 2003 Nissan 350z

Spring Z

Tanya’s 2010 Update

Words: Ginash George Photos: Jeremy Cliff

You may remember Tanya’s car from a former feature. Well, she’s back with a new stance and look. Here is a brief update on the hotness. An aggressive transformation that rivals any car that claims to be low.

-JDM Chicago

Gallery (click thumb […]