Project X 350z

You guys may remember the dual 350z we featured a few years ago… Since then, Neil has sold his Z but Larry’s Z has transformed into a totally different car. With his shop Project X at his disposal, he along with the rest of the Project X team have created this fine example of a […]

Project X 350z

Photos: Brad Sillars (Photomotive)

We covered Larry’s 350z car back in 2009, but it’s changed significantly since then. This car is now currently featured April’s issue of Import Tuner (currently out now). Brad was nice enough to give us some bonus shots not featured in the magazine. Some noticeable improvements since our last feature is […]

Feature: Project X BBQ & Open House

Cheers to Another Chitown Shop

Photos: Ginash George/Synth19 Photo

Project X Customs opened its Glenview shop last summer. From a humble/grass-roots beginning, the folks @ Project X have evolved to one of the preferred tuner shops in the Chicagoland area. This past Sunday PX hosted a BBQ and open house. Despite the rain and […]