Project X 350z

Photos:  Brad Sillars (Photomotive)

We covered Larry’s 350z car back in 2009, but it’s changed significantly since then. This car is now currently featured April’s issue of Import Tuner (currently out now). Brad was nice enough to give us some bonus shots not featured in the magazine. Some noticeable improvements since our last feature is the Greddy turbo kit,  dyno’ing @ a respectible 518 whp…   Now onto some pics!

Now this is what I call a menacing shot.  Not only do you get that the in-your-face view of the massive intercooler,  but the Ings +1 hood had to be cut in order to fit  a custom CJ Motorsports plenum.  Talk about BOSS.

Larry’s c-west lip kit seems to still be in pretty good condition,   but I believe he’s on his second front lip.  The front and rear fender pull looks perfect and easily fit the Forge Specialties Wheels.  Front is 19×9.5 -1,  and rear is 19×10.5 -12.

Here’s one last shot of the massive APR spoiler and custom Project X diffuser.   For more pics and the entire write-up/article,  please pick up the latest issue of Import Tuner.



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