Wekfest San Francisco 2012- (Part 1 of 6)

Wekfest San Francisco was absolutely ridiculous.  I heard the lines were very long last year,  but you really had to be there to truly understand how much the import scene is flourishing in Norcal.  The show started at 1pm,  but we deceided to get there around 8ish so we could capture some of the roll-in.  After securing a pretty nice parking spot,  we walked to the event and then it really hit us how big this event was going to be.   No joke,  there was a line starting around 8am with at least 500 people or so.  Mind you,  people started waiting 5 hours before the doors opened!  If I could guess,  there had to easily been at least 5k people attending this event as spectators.

So we’ll start out with some pics from roll-in.  Be on the look-out for more pics by the JDMC crew,  as well as some pics of the egarage space,  Impact Performance shop tour,  and a visit to the Fatlace Paddock…. of course there will be tons of other stuff in between!

(Click each pic for the high res shot available on Flickr):

Porsche 964
Really Nice 964. Maybe one of the best from the weekend.
Fatlace Model
One of the models supporting the Fatlace Booth.

WRX with a VIP look
Here’s a VIP inspired Subi. I couldn’t really tell which specific wheels these are from this angle  (Work Schwert SC4’s)?  But the car is fairly
clean, nothing too crazy or over the top.

EK Civic on Desmond Marquis Promada Regamaster
Gotta love this EK on Regamasters.  I wish we could see more clean EK’s here in Chicago.  In the background you can see the massive
crowd starting to form around 8am or so.  More pics of the crowds in a bit.

Subaru Wagon on SSR MS1's
It’s all about the Wagon lifestyle.  Nothing like some fresh SSR MS1’s.

Yet another Evo with on Weds SA55M. This is the black finish tiwth the red machining
I would say there were TONS of evo’s in SF.  Here is one with the ever popular Weds SA55M.
The machined red inserts match well here.

VIP Lexus GS
Just one of the MANY VIP cars at Wekfest. I’ll have to ask some of the guys who were @ Black
on the east coast last year.  Who has a better VIP scene?

e60 BMW M5
Here’s a nice e60 m5.  Surprisingly, I saw at least 4-5 e60 m5’s at this event.

Amuse 370z with Volk RE30's om a flat black
Pretty fresh 370z on some Volk RE30’s and an Amuse kit.  I like the painted door handles
that work well with the wheels.

Grey e46 Sedan on Bronze BBS LM's with some baller gold bolts
e46 Sedan which appears to be some custom Bronze LM’s with some baller gold bolts.

Integra with Sprint Hart CPR's
Another clean Teggy with the ever-popular and classic Sprint Hart CPR’s.

Morning Roll-in, Evo on white Gram Lights and Voltex wing
Lambo? This is Cali so an evo on some gram lights gets more attention. haha

Wrapped M45 Sedan from Team Endless Projects.  Rocking some Work Gnosis GS4's
Here’s an m45 from Team Endless Projects rocking some Work Gnosis GS4’s.  Surprisingly, this is not a wrap.
Be on the look out for more coverage of Endless as well as a small tour @ their shop (Impact Performance).

VIP'd out IS
A VIP’d out IS on Strasse Forged wheels.

Another VP'd out IS
Haven’t seen a set of GTF’s in awhile. Nice CF lip kit with side splitters.

e46 Sedan on DPE's
Yep… another baller rollin on DPE’s.

CL555 AMG on DPE's
I have a feeling these boss cars roll in the same circles.  This Benz on DPE’s probably cost a few bucks.

The infomous big mike and his prelude.  I think those are Volk SE37's.
The infamous Big Mike and his prelude. You have to see this car in person,  just a ridiculous amount of
attention to detail…   It slays all preludes.

Supra on Classic LE28's
I don’t see too many Supra’s anymore,  but that’s probably because many of the ones I know hate the “scene.”
Fitting that this Supra has a set of discontinued Volk LE28’s.

Honda Fit
Love this fit.

One of the 2 Lotus' at the show
Green with ENVY.

Clean S2k on Advan RS'
So I said earlier there were a ton of EVO’s at this show. The same could be said about S2k’s.
Love this S2k on Advan RS’s.

Nissan 240z on Work Equip 03's
Stanced 240z on Work Equip 03’s.

So that concludes part 1.  There will be TONS of more pics in the upcoming days/weeks.



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