Christine Siepka’s 1978 Datsun 280z

I had the privilege of shooting Christine’s s30 over the weekend which I personally refer to as “one of the most highly anticipated builds of 2012.” That might be a bold statement; but if you look at her 30 page build thread– you will agree with me! I think I met Christine back in 2009 […]

Mini Feature-Pat’s Nissan 370z

We met up with Pat the other day and snapped a few shots of his Nissan 370z. Be sure to click on each photo for a higher resolution shot.

Every once in awhile we like to do a mini-feature on a car during it’s infancy stages. This is actually Pat’s 3rd Nissan Z in […]

Mini-Feature: Stanced Z’s

Eric & Tanya’s Nissan 350z’s

Photos: Brad Sillars of

Discuss the car by clicking here.

This is an all time feature record for us, as Tanya has changed her look yet again. You guy may remember her last aggressive DPE setup, but those are gone, and replaced with fresh Advan RG-D’s. This is […]