JDM Chicago Wekfest Video Coverage!

Wekfest Chicago 2011 from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

Words & Video :  Mike Marvavilla

It’s been a long time since we’ve been waiting for Weksos and Fatlace to bring Wekfest to the Midwest. But after being patient,  we finally had our turn to prove that the Midwest could come dressed to impress in the car game. Chicago was the second leg in the 4-city Wekfest tour – after the initial show in Long Beach (and follow-up in Chicago),  the tour presses on to Texas and Hawaii where they have had very successful Hellaflush events in the past.

Despite the early morning roll-in and a jam-packed weekend o’ shooting, filming and helping run Why I: HEART,  I was really excited to have a chance to also show what UMG and JDMC could do media-wise for the show. Even though it did downpour for a good portion of the roll-in,  everyone was in good spirits…and it definitely made for getting some cool video shots (even if I did get a little wet).



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