Automass Round 1 Coverage- Part I

Automass took place this past April 29th @ Toyota Park.  One week later,  I think we’ve finally recovered from the wind-burn.  Chicago hasn’t had such a dynamic event since D1GP back in 2009.  Sure,  there have been smaller scale drift demo’s and what over the last few years,   but nothing close to the coolness of Automass.  The track had three different driving classes and I think entry speed was around 60ish mph.  The off-track show had about 150 total participants,  many of which killed it with their 2012 grand reveals.  Although the drift event was more or less a demo,  it allowed experienced drivers to show off their skill.  Secondly,  beginners had an opportunity to show off in a safe environment with plenty of room in case they got a tad too rowdy.  Definitely looking forward to Round 2 of Automass,  which you definitely do not want to miss.  Based on the buzz of Rd.1,  expect 3-4x the crowds and cars at the next Automass!

Before we start our coverage,  I have to say one thing-  I think most of the photog’s concentrated on the drifting.  We apologize if we didn’t get your car,  but there are a ton more pics posted on our forum.  Check the official post-automass pic thread by clicking here.  We’ll start out with a set by Greg Szoda.  Click on the photo for a larger res shot.

Nick’s VW Caddy with a K20 Motor Swap.  Loving the woodgrain wrap.

Random Crowd Shot at Toyota Park.

XB’s were present as usual.  Not sure if a license plate on a roof is legal,  but “A” for effort here.

The awkward moment when you just realized you’ve been photographed.

Evo’s were represented.  Weds Sport SA67R wheels are on point here.

A shot of the car show vehicles lined up.  Thanks again to Larry from Project X for taking command of the car show as well as his volunteers who helped organize this aspect of the event.  Ran super smooth!

JDM Chicago Booth with support vehicles….  The Honda Pilot was CLUTCH.

Nicely stanced “Hot Chocolate” Mini Cooper Clubman from

Another shot of the VW Caddy on Work Meister CR 01’s.

Good friends V2Lab represented on this s13.5.

Speaking of Larry,  here is a quick shot of his 350z.  The Meister S1R’s look really menacing with the yellow accents.

Nice combo on this WRX with the Super ADVAN Racing V2 wheels.  Not sure if the color is stock,  but looks like the Advan Dark Gunmetallic finish.

Best of Show VIP-themed Honda Odyssey on bags.

Now that we got the show out of the way,  let’s start with some Drift Pics by Brad Sillars,  Matt Magnino,  and Darian Duchan.

Baby Blue Miata tearing it up in the intermediate class.

Tandem shot of e30 vert and rocket bunny.

Because Drift Car.

Josh’s 180-  definitely one of the crowd favorites.

Risky Devil IS300.

Another Tandem shot.

Rocket Bunny doing work!


Intermediate class about to start…

Another favorite of the show,  FD RX7 on Gram Lights.

Leigh’s MKIII Supra.

Ilia’s banana FC.  Build thread here.

Maybe the coolest z31,  ever.

That concludes part I.  Back with more pics tomorrow or the day after…

Greg’s Set:

Brad’s Set:





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  • Really excited to see the guys from Vorshlag positng this! I’ve had your camber plates on my e36 m3 and follow you all on Bimmerforums quite a bit, good to see you developing for an exciting new platform. If I can fit (6’7 tall so I was really excited to read about you at 6’3 fitting with a helmet) I’m going to pick up a BRZ or FR-S in the next few months. I may have to give you a call about lowering the seat brackets so I can fit with a helmet! Enough rambling, really looking forward to your development of this chassis and can’t wait to see the next update.

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