Dean’s 2006 Accord Coupe

A few years ago I was browsing through the “readers rides”  section of Honda Tuning and spotted Dean’s Accord. You don’t this generation modified too often,  so of course it grabbed my attention.  Dean’s inspiration came from his cousin’s Mugen’d-out Integra Type -R.  It was a clean and quality build that proved to be a positive influence.  Dean followed suit and also strived to create something that would stand out,  yet be functional as a daily driver.

After much debate,  Dean went with the Accord platform for several reasons. For one,  the car was practical and a great commuter. Secondly,  he wanted to do something different as this car is highly neglected in the import community.

We really like the fitment of the wheels here.   Nothing too crazy or over the top.  SP1’s were originally planned to be outfitted for the Accord,  however,  various circumstances led Dean to change his tune to SSR SP3’s.  There are tons of people across the country with ridiculous fitment/stretch/negative camber;  yet claim their cars are daily drivers.  BULLSHIT.  This is what a true DD looks like.

Everything on the car was carefully researched to ensure they would be of a high quality and have an overall flow.  Dean’s car is pretty much done at this point,  but then again.. we all say that.  Hope you guys enjoyed this mini feature by Matt Magnino.  As usual,  see below for his mod list and for higher res shots.

Exterior Modifications

HFP front and rear lip
HFP fog lights
HFP trunk spoiler
OEM window visors
AIT Carbon Fiber roof spoiler
40% tinted windows
retrofitted headlights
-6000K HID and projector
-blackhoused lights
Nokya hyper yellow fogs
Nokya hyper yellow DRL’s

Suspension/Brake Modifications
Tein SS-P coilovers with custom spring rates
Greddy front strut bar
ingalls rear camber kit
Skunk 2 upper control arms
Progress rear sway bar
TL-S front sway bar
EBC slotted front and rear rotors
Hawk HPS pads


SSR SP3 18×9 +37
Toyo Proxes 225/40/18
Camber -1.5 all around
Mutecki titanium finish lug nuts

Custom 2.5 inch exhaust
magnaflow resonator
es tuning mufflers
Motordyne titanium tips
Custom 3 inch short ram intake
Richies v3 j pipe
Buddy club race spec condenser
Mugen oil cap
Greddy radiator cap

scan gauge II
TL engine cover
Gallery gold bolts
Mugen socks

High Res Gallery:



2 comments to Dean’s 2006 Accord Coupe

  • Josh Galus

    It really bothers me that every accord that gets recognition and modded is manual. Isn’t part of tuning having a decent transmission?

    Also I don’t understand the obsession with tints, but that’s just me.

  • Josh Galus

    Beautiful accord though, I love how clean it is. Definitely makes me want to work on my ’03.

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