Lost But Not Forgotten


Today we are featuring Phuc’s ITR out of Norcal. This set was shot by our good friend Patrick Lauder from Quick Works Photo. Just a bit of a back story before we go into this build- Several months ago we lost dozens of important automotive publications. Honda Tuning, Modified Magazine, and Import Tuner […]

Jordan McCord’s 1990 Honda CRX Si



Congrats to Jordan McCord for his feature in the April 2014 issue of Honda Tuning Magazine. The first time I saw Jordan’s CRX was @ Wekfest Chicago. Although I thought the car was super clean in person, I didn’t really appreciate the details until I read his extensive build thread on NWP4life. His […]

Dean’s 2006 Accord Coupe

A few years ago I was browsing through the “readers rides” section of Honda Tuning and spotted Dean’s Accord. You don’t this generation modified too often, so of course it grabbed my attention. Dean’s inspiration came from his cousin’s Mugen’d-out Integra Type -R. It was a clean and quality build that proved to be […]

Feature: 2002 Honda Integra/Acura RSX Type-S

Squeaky Clean

James Tingley’s 2002 Honda Integra/Acura RSX Type-S

Words: Raymond Wu Photos: Ginash George

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There are cars that have embedded themselves into history because of many different traits. Some cars are penned into the pages of history due to their speed. Some […]