Honda Tuning Magazine- Bonus Shots

Congrats to Justin for getting his CRZ featured in Honda Tuning Magazine. Although I shot the car back in March of 2012, the issue just dropped in the current April 2013 issue. In case you are wondering, it’s not very uncommon for a magazine to delay a feature as layouts/etc. are planned months in advance.

Justin's CRZ

Completely C-West’d out, including front bumper, side skirts, and rear half spoiler.

Justin's CRZ

Interior shot I thought came out pretty cool.

Justin's CRZ

Stoptechs BBK really pop out under the Blitz Type 01 wheels.

Honda CRZ Interior

Collage of the interior…

Honda CRZ Motor Shot

Motor Shot of the original L Seies engine, CM Racing custom air intake system and Honda Fit intake manifold.

Honda CRZ

One last shot of the side profile.



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