The Perfect NSX

I was privileged to shoot Jeff’s NSX again for the August 2013 issue of Modified Magazine. When I first shot this car last year, his feature literally blew up. To date, probably one of the most shared/liked/and cross-posted feature I’ve ever done.  It just goes to show that people appreciate quality car builds. As a fellow NSX owner, I can honestly say Jeff’s NSX is probably in the top 5 globally- the attention to detail and craftsmanship is simply unsurpassed.  I’m really not going to go into the details of the car, but instead I’ll urge you to pick up an issue of Modified Magazine to read his story. Bias aside, it’s a really well written article!  Anyways, here are a few bonus shots I thought I would share since the issue is now out and these were not included in the issue.  Click here to see the cover posted on Modifed Magazine’s facebook page, and don’t forget to support print!



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  • […] Below are some bonus shots of Mike (Evo) and Nick’s (Sti) dual cover feature. Although the full article is now available online, the pics are very shitty for some reason on Modified’s website. Below are some bonus high res shots.  Oh, and let’s not forget Jeff’s NSX. Bonus pics of that feature is available here. […]

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