Vegas Baby, Vegas- Jeffrey Nguyen’s 1991 Acura NSX

Here are some bonus pics from Jeff Nguyen’s NSX featured in last month’s Super Street Magazine. Back in April this year things were fairly busy with my freelance photography. I knew things were going well because time management was starting to become an issue- Family life, photo shoots, the “9-5” gig, managing this website, […]


As the primary photographer/writer on this blog, I’m usually shooting various cars or doing something for print. Unfortunately this means that my own cars are neglected. So this past weekend I made a concerted effort with a few friends to take a few snaps of my NSX. Thanks to Jose Torres for the rolling shot […]

RWB with some good company

With Danny’s RWB 993 in Chicago, we couldn’t help ourselves with this idea. Thanks to Jeremy Cliff for not only helping with delivery of the RWB, but also for taking this sweet shot. Click on the pic for a high res 1920×1080 wallpaper! Don’t forget to also check out Jeremy’s Facebook page.


Dem Model 5’s (Wallpapers)!

There are certain wheels from Japan that will always have a timeless/classic look. One wheel that fits this description is the AVS Advan Model 5. Unfortunately they have been discontinued for some time now, and replacement or similar styles always seemed to be missing something. I’ve been fortunate to own a pair of these and […]

Modified Magazine Bonus Shots

This year has been very busy for me with regards to print media work. I’m very humbled in particular that I was able to land two cover shots/features in Modified Magazine. Below are some bonus shots of Mike’s Evo and Nick’s Sti dual cover feature. The photoshoot was probably one of the longest and exhausting […]