Toronto S15 Shoot

This past week I was in Toronto and met up with Mike Martino (@vsmartino) for a quick photo shoot of his beautiful Nissan Silvia (s15). Originally I was planning on strobing the car, but unfortunately I forgot my backup batteries.  Anyways, here are some shots using natural light. Look out for this car at Final […]

Wallpaper Wednesdays!

Thanks to Patrick Lauder for these really cool shots of Nikki Dela Cruz’s Nissan 240sx (S13). The car was featured in Modified Magazine a few years ago. Not much has changed since then, except for the new Blitz Type 03 wheels seen below in these new shots. You can read more about the car by […]

Dem Model 5’s (Wallpapers)!

There are certain wheels from Japan that will always have a timeless/classic look. One wheel that fits this description is the AVS Advan Model 5. Unfortunately they have been discontinued for some time now, and replacement or similar styles always seemed to be missing something. I’ve been fortunate to own a pair of these and […]

Feature: Fizz Autosports Open House/BBQ

Good Times @ Fizz!

Photos: Ginash George/Synth19 Photo

Fizz Autosports held their annual BBQ/Open house on Saturday May 14th. Good times, good food, cars, and people. Here are a few pics from some of the dope cars in attendance. Anything catch your eye? Most likely you’ll be seeing a feature or two of some […]

Feature: 1999 Nissan Silvia (JDM)

Fizz Autosports Nissan Silvia S15

Ming Hang Ng’s 1999 Nissan Silvia (JDM Import)

Words: Ginash George Photos: Brad Sillars

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After a run of almost 35 years, Nissan introduced the S15 chassis in 1999. Sadly, the S15 never officially made it to the United States, […]