Final Bout Coverage (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to our part 2 coverage. Click here for part 1 in case you missed it. Photos by  Brad Sillars.

-Ilia Smolov (Team Proceed)

16 copy

The vibe in the pits on Saturday morning was absolutely palpable. Everyone at the driver’s meeting was so excited just to be in the same place at the same time as some of their favorite amateur drivers. I started out the driver’s meeting with a Vin Diesel pose and said something along the lines of “This is… BRAZIL!”

17 copy

Proceed lined up at the intermediate course, ready to go.

18 copy

We didn’t waste any time driving with our friends from out of town during the free runs. This shot has Julian from Animal Style leading, Ryan from Animal style following, me following Ryan in my Proceed Cressida, and Jordan following all of us in his Miata. It was a privilege to be part of that tandem!

IMG_0188 copy

ShaDynasty getting some practice runs in before the competition on Sunday. These guys looked amazing all day!

IMG_8644 copy

Animal style laid down absolutely flawless runs, one after another. The livery and paint on the cars was super exciting too.

IMG_8953 copy

IMG_9010 copy

IMG_9017 copy

Simba spent some time following Jack from the Hot Boyz in his JZX81 Cresta. Both cars look amazing driving together!

IMG_9057 copy

Final Boat was no joke! Here is me piloting my giant land yacht through an ocean that formed at the bottom of the USAIR corkscrew- one of my favorite points at the course.

IMG_9113 copy

The seasoned veterans of Oops just wanted to put on a great show for the crowd. Brian Peter, Dave Lee, and Fuminori Kaneko have all been drifting for years, and brought amazing spirit to Final Bout.

IMG_9176 copy

Risky Devil brought a ton of style and great driving to Final Bout too. Their cars were perfectly coordinated, and the drivers have spent years drifting together. It showed in their great tandem runs!

IMG_9227 copy

Simba takes a solo run, and casually brushes past the wall. I didn’t get to be on the spectator side of the fence this weekend, but I’m sure runs like these were super exciting to watch.

IMG_9265 copy

HotBoyz are lining up for one of their practice runs. I love how their tan cars look together.

IMG_9331 copy

Derek’s silver S14 was easily one of the best looking cars of the weekend. This car had perfect paint, Ganador super mirrors, was super low, and had an awesome interior. What more could you ask for?

IMG_9344 copy

Hert tests his FC. His car was having trouble all weekend, but it didn’t stop him from going out and doing some awesome laps.

IMG_9258 copy

IMG_9261 copy

IMG_9266 copy

IMG_9383 copy

IMG_9429 copy

Sadly Jordan’s HotBoyz Miata tapped a wall following Leigh on Saturday, taking him out of the competition on Sunday. His extremely well built front crash bar saved the car, and he managed to repair the pretty intense looking damage over the course of the weekend! Stay tuned for our last portion of Final Bout Coverage…



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