Final Bout Coverage (Part 3 of 3)

Finally, the weekend began to come to a close. The on and off-track party of Saturday night slowly bled into Sunday morning, and it was time for our competition. As much as the competition was seen as the main event of Final Bout, everyone who competed just wanted to watch the other teams throw down […]

Final Bout Coverage (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to our part 2 coverage. Click here for part 1 in case you missed it. Photos by Brad Sillars.

-Ilia Smolov (Team Proceed)

The vibe in the pits on Saturday morning was absolutely palpable. Everyone at the driver’s meeting was so excited just to be in the same place at the same […]

Final Bout Coverage (Part 1 of 3)

It’s possible that describing Final Bout to the uninitiated may be an exercise in futility. To understand why these particular three days at this particular patch of concrete in this particular tiny town in Wisconsin are being called “historic”, “monumental”, or “epic” takes a bit of inside knowledge of drifting both as it is now […]

Event Coverage: Midwest All-Star Bash

June 26-27-USAIR in Shawano, WI

Photos: Kevin (Nachtmensch)

Midwest All-Star bash took place at the infamous USA International Raceway Shawano, WI. Two days of rad drifting.

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Event Coverage: ClubFR Drift Day 29

Oct. 11th-USAIR in Shawano, WI

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Photos: Brad Sillars and Jeremy Cliff

Club FR held it’s last drift day of the season at USAIR in Shawano, WI. This was a private event for MWC points holders, staff members, sponsors, etc. […]