Event Coverage: ClubFR Drift Day 29

Oct. 11th-USAIR in Shawano, WI

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Photos: Brad Sillars and Jeremy Cliff

Club FR held it’s last drift day of the season at USAIR in Shawano, WI. This was a private event for MWC points holders, staff members, sponsors, etc. From the looks of it, one hell of a time. Some noted comments from some of the participants:

“This event was retardedly awesome in its blatant disregard for safety. 6 car tandems, cars competing without cages, cars going through fences… And yet everything ended up working out pretty great.” – ill Roller

“So much f*cking fun! Even though my sh*t got f*cked, it was such a great event! What a hell of a way to end 09!”

DD29 results
1. Jordan Connor
2. Sam Jiggy
3. Brian Peter

MWC 2009 results

1. Mike Pollard
2. Juan Marquez
3. Simba Nyemba

Gallery (click thumb to expand):

Brad’s Pics:

Jeremy’s Pics:



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