A Visit to Carbon Signal

Last month I had an opportunity to visit Dubai. Huge thanks to Elite Autosports and Carbon Signal for sponsoring the trip. Carbon Signal Co-Owners Aamir and Lutfi moved into a new shop, and of course I jumped on the opportunity to check out their new digs.  A complete coincidence, but I also ran into friends  […]

Kenmeri Skyline

Yesterday Pete and I met up for an early morning shoot. We weren’t sure if the weather would cooperate, but the ominous clouds seemed to wait it out for us. Pete recently purchased this 1975 Nissan Skyline”Kenmeri” (ケンメリ) from JDM Legends. JDM Legends has brought over several Kenmeri’s within the last few years, but this […]

The Banana Show

By Ethan Caldwell.

While in Japan last year, I was looking for some interesting cars to shoot. This particular hakosuka somewhat fell into my lap. After several contacts back and forth between myself and a third party to get the shoot going and not knowing what the car looked like, I decided to check […]

Wallpaper Wednesdays

Since winter has been slow, here is a re-edit of a Toyota Starlet we featured about 5 years ago. Click on the image for a 1920 x 1024 wallpaper.