Wekfest San Francisco 2012- (Part 4 of 6)

Wow… exactly 1 week since Wekfest and still a few more parts to go.  Literally,  this time last week I just scored a sweet parking spot next to
Fort Mason.  Here is part 4 by DK Photo (Daniel Krzyzanowski Flickr).

Another shot of the e61 from the other day.

Nice Avant with a matte grey wap on some classic BBS 5-stars.

There were all these dudes with motorized custom bikes @ Wekfest.  Some rad setups.

Lambo’s always steal the show,  this one on ADV.1 wheels.

Maybe the cleanest Previa we saw at the show (matter of fact,  I think the only one there).

An S2k on BBS LM’s.

There were several awesome food trucks set up to feed the massive crowds.

Bagged VW Passat.




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