Wekfest San Francisco 2012- (Part 6 of 6)

So here goes the final part of our Wekfest Coverage.  With over 24+ gigs of just photos (yeah,  I shoot in RAW),  here are some stragglers I thought were unique.

Mike and I visited Impact Performance in the San Francisco Area the day before Wekfest.  Here’s a quick shot of the outside of the shop.

Inside the shop we found the world’s slowest Evo known to man.

… and the world’s dirtiest Mr2.

OK,  now this is one serious Supra.

Here’s a shot of Mike I posted a few weeks ago on my Flickr account.  I’m still kinda disturbed that several of my Flickr buddies  fav’d this shot.  Be afraid Mike… be afraid….

Here’s a nice Datsun 510 we spotted rolling into Wekfest.

While we’re on the Nissan tip,  here’s a shot I took of this ultra dope z32.  If you like this car,  you may want to check out Brad’s shoot he did for Canibeat.

A few of us noticed a second level @ building one.  Of course this section was not sanctioned,  but who would have known?

Mugen M7’s…. accept no substitutes.

I have no idea who this guy is,  but I like the DOF and “artsy”  feel of this shot.

This S14 had matching shoes to go with it.  Luckily the owner is a female.

While at the Fatlace Paddock we got a nice look at some of the project cars in storage.  Gotta love Mark Arcenal’s s14.  I didn’t crop this shot so you all can see the cool studio they built.

Who could forget one of the nicest EK’s at Wekfest?  Here’s another shot from the illegal angle.

Skyline overload @ the Fatlace Paddock.

Really nice Corolla Wagon on Equip 01’s outside of the Fatlace Paddock.

That’s it for our Wekfest coverage!  Thanks all for checking us out,  and special thanks to the newbies who have just recently discovered JDMC! Word.



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