Team Proceed

Now that the January issue of Super Street has passed, I thought I should release some additional pics of Team Proceed that did not make the magazine. What you guys don’t know is that this shoot was insane. It was nice to take an editorial approach for once and leave my lighting at home. However, […]

Wallpaper Break!

Taking a small break from Automass coverage to give you a free wallpaper from Glock Photo (Greg Szoda). Ming’s Vertex Widebody S15 hasn’t been around that much this year, so his new look took many by surprise at the last FNL meet. Last year’s insane Weds Kranze LXZ “VIP” setup was dumped for a more […]

Wekfest San Francisco 2012- (Part 6 of 6)

So here goes the final part of our Wekfest Coverage. With over 24+ gigs of just photos (yeah, I shoot in RAW), here are some stragglers I thought were unique.

Mike and I visited Impact Performance in the San Francisco Area the day before Wekfest. Here’s a quick shot of the outside of the […]