Team Proceed

Now that the January issue of Super Street has passed, I thought I should release some additional pics of Team Proceed that did not make the magazine. What you guys don’t know is that this shoot was insane. It was nice to take an editorial approach for once and leave my lighting at home. However, […]

Black 2 Coverage Part III

Just when you thought we were done, here is more coverage with a bit of info/detail on the show gems.

A very nice Lexus GS with NKB Seiken cup wheels (18×9 – 14 and 18×10 – 27).

Infiniti M35 with Luxury Abstract Wheels (Stella). The brushed faces and wheel lips look incredible in […]

Black 2 Coverage “The Journey”

Words: Patrick Sayaphoum Pics: Vic Lee, Zandro Zafra & Patrick Sayaphoum

We have several guest bloggers and photographers who hit up the Black 2 VIP meet in NJ. We’ll start out first with Pat’s experience and some pics by Zandro/Pat/Vic. Be on the look out for more pics in the upcoming days!

Feature: 1993 Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS300

Not Your Boss’s Ride

Paul Parangat’s 1993 Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS300

Words: Raymond Wu Photos: Kevin Beronilla

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The Toyota Aristo (known as the Lexus GS stateside) brings out all the best characteristics of Japanese cars. It’s well built, reliable, practical and comfortable. And since this is an […]