Black 2 Coverage- La Fin

So here we conclude our Black 2 Coverage. Chicago wants to thank the Liberty crew for providing such a great show, and making us feel @ home. We’ll be sure to be back next year, and hope to even bring a few more homies from Chi to join us. Here are a few more pics […]

Black 2 Coverage Part III

Just when you thought we were done, here is more coverage with a bit of info/detail on the show gems.

A very nice Lexus GS with NKB Seiken cup wheels (18×9 – 14 and 18×10 – 27).

Infiniti M35 with Luxury Abstract Wheels (Stella). The brushed faces and wheel lips look incredible in […]

Black 2 Coverage Part II

Thanks for coming back for another installment of BLACK 2 coverage. Let’s start out with some pics, and scroll down to check out a dope HD Video by Zandro!

Yes, a nice Previa/Estima build. I haven’t seen a set of Racing Hart CH wheels since maybe the mid-2000’s. But these classic 19″ wheels flow […]

Black 2 Coverage “The Journey”

Words: Patrick Sayaphoum Pics: Vic Lee, Zandro Zafra & Patrick Sayaphoum

We have several guest bloggers and photographers who hit up the Black 2 VIP meet in NJ. We’ll start out first with Pat’s experience and some pics by Zandro/Pat/Vic. Be on the look out for more pics in the upcoming days!

Black 2 Preview

(Widebody Q45 F50 Chassis on Luxury Abstract Grassor-C’s) Some of the JDMC homies took a road trip out to Englishtown, NJ to attend this year’s most anticipated VIP shows: “Black 2 ViP Car Show.” Here is a preview pic! Look out for TONS more in the next few days!