Black 2 Coverage Part III

Just when you thought we were done,  here is more coverage with a bit of info/detail on the show gems.

A very nice Lexus GS with NKB Seiken cup wheels (18×9 – 14 and 18×10 – 27).

Infiniti M35 with Luxury Abstract Wheels (Stella). The brushed faces and wheel lips look incredible in person.  It is a nice rugged contrast.

One of my all-time favorite wheels- This is the new Work Meister’s S1R 2 piece. This edition in Matte Bronze with optional centercaps.

Interior of the The SC widebody- VIP to the fullest!

First generation RL rocking a set of  SSR Vienna Kreis.  The RL is definitely one under-appreciated luxury car,  VP or not.  Glad to see a clean example of what you can do with this platform.

Rear shot of the RL,  notice the Porsche exhaust tips.

Check out these Leon Hardritt Orden’s with some major negative offsets!

Come back tomorrow for our final set!

More pics from Vic:



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