NSX drive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’d like to welcome Dimer van Santen as a guest blogger today on JDM Chicago. As an NSX owner and enthusiast from Amsterdam, Dimer was able to connect with some fellow NSX owners in Kuala Lumpur. JDMC has covered all corners of the world, so this is definitely something we are excited to share.  It’s always a thrill to see how others throughout the world share the same passion as us.   

On Sunday morning I was invited for a spirited drive through the mountains of Kuala Lumpur by my friend and NSX Prime member Shaw (nsxinkl). Shaw picked me up from my apartment with his beautiful red turbo’ed NSX. His car is 20 years old, but with the facelift and the perfect interior it looks like it just rolled out of Takanezawa.

IMG_8885_zpsa001bd80 copy

A very rare spoon dash.

IMG_8896_zpsdf53462c copy

IMG_8891_zps14fd022f copy

When we arrived at the meeting spot there were already a couple of great cars: Ferrari 430, 458, Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0, 911 S and a GT-R.

IMG_8894_zps0cd11ea1 copy

Shaw already told me that he would come, but when I saw the NSX-R coming I got really excited! These badges are still readily available, but nothing like seeing one on a real NSX-R.

IMG_8900_zps300cb969 copy

IMG_8898_zpse1eb4264 copy

A few detail shots of the NSX-R interior.  You have to be a major baller to own an NSX in Malaysia. Because of taxes/importation fees/etc-  This car is easily valued well over a quarter million USD.

IMG_8890_zps85b21527 copy

Another NSX  with aggressive Marga Hills skirts with Route KS wing and diffuser joined the caravan.

IMG_8888_zps7b3a6fd1 copy

It was time to drive and I was lucky to ride shotgun with the NSX-R. Great detail, the driver is a former F1, A1 and GP2 driver who bought the car new in 2003. Driving skills and 10 years experience in the R = double win! Needless to say that it was an unforgettable experience! We had a group of very fast cars, but no one could even come close to the NSX-R. Even on straights, the NSX-R managed to pull away from the GT3 RS 4.0, the only car that could kind of keep up. The rest of the cars were already long out of our sights. He only changed the air filter and exhaust and dynoed the car at 370bhp and weighed it at a bit over 1200kg with half tank.

IMG_8940_zps549edc57 copy

IMG_8907_zpsc07d4245 copy

IMG_8912_zps47669486 copy

IMG_8917_zpsb720c599 copy

Although this is a genuine NSX-R, the owner was not shy to add some modifications. Light weight Volk Racing CE28’s were added along with brakes from Endless.

IMG_8939_zps6341fcdb copy

IMG_8928_zps8ad4ef65 copy

A nice looking red NSX on black Advan Model 5 wheels.

IMG_8929_zps5ffd71a9 copy

IMG_8934_zpsfd2cd92d copy

Custom canards on the pop design bumper. This car sounded fantastic going through the hills with a GT-One 5.1 exhaust.  Thanks again!   Dimer van Santen










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