Duc Trinh’s K20/K24 Honda S2000

Here are some bonus pics of Duc’s Honda S2000 I shot for the last issue of Super Street Magazine. Since the issue has just passed, you probably only have a few days or so to find this at your local news stand. The full story should be available at Super Street’s website in a few […]

Team Proceed

Now that the January issue of Super Street has passed, I thought I should release some additional pics of Team Proceed that did not make the magazine. What you guys don’t know is that this shoot was insane. It was nice to take an editorial approach for once and leave my lighting at home. However, […]

Rocket Bunny FD

Here is a teaser pic from the current issue of Super Street Magazine. Check out the feature at your local newsstands for more details and pics of this incredible FD build. We’ll release more after the current issue passes.

Willy Izaguirre’s 1968 Datsun 2000 Roadster

Earlier this summer I was very excited to hear that Willy was bringing his beautiful Roadster to Offset Kings (Chicago). It’s not too often you see a Datsun 2000 restored and modified to this level. You could say that Willy took a “resto mod” approach to the build. Prior to Offset Kings, I wanted to […]

JDMC Presents: Automotive Photography Tips 101 (Part 1)


(Above “behind the scenes” shot supplied by our friend Nate Hassler)


I’ve been wanting to post up some helpful hints for up and coming automotive photographers for awhile, but never had time until now. This is just some basic shit that people don’t seem to get. When we […]